Bitcoin Mining 

is the implementation of mathematical calculations by computer hardware to confirm bitcoin transactions and increase security. As a reward for your services, Bitcoin Miners can collect transaction fees for transactions they have confirmed and newly created Bitcoins.

Bitcoin mining is like gold mining. 

At the same time, you can think of Bitcoin Miner as a miner. They are digging for the gold of the Internet: Bitcoin. The digging is done with a miner.  The more power you provide, the more bitcoins you can generate.

There are countless of these miners scattered all over the world, regardless of time and place – Decentralized.

How long will the mine still go?

The amount of distributed Bitcoins halves approximately every four years, until the time when the limit of 21 million Bitcoins was reached. This is about to happen in 2140, after which the miners are paid on the transaction fees.

The hash rate

is the unit of measurement of the computing power of the Bitcoin network. For security reasons, the Bitcoin network must perform intensive mathematical operations. When the network reaches a hash rate of 10 TH / s, it means that it can handle 10 trillion calculations per second. Bitcoin mining allows anyone to connect to the mining network by connecting some of the computing power to the network and confirms transactions. As a reward, you get bitcoins. The more power that is available, the more hash rate you provide, the more bitcoins are distributed to the one. Our miners have a hash rate of 14.5 TH / s per piece, which is $ 1100- $ 1200 a month.

The Bitcoin credit card. To withdraw from the wallet with the euro card

The Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and other crypto currencies shine through speed should now be clear to many. Within seconds or minutes, we can confirm incoming payments, overhauling slower traditional transfers. However, with adoption of digital currencies (that is, the general acceptance) not so widespread, the speed of digital bitcoin can also be harnessed differently: with Bitcoin credit cards.

Basics for new users

As a new user, you can get started with Bitcoin without understanding the technical details. Once you have your wallet installed, it generates your first Bitcoin address and you can create more as needed. You can pass one of your Bitcoin addresses to your friends so that you can send money to them, or vice versa. In fact, this is similar to emails, except that bitcoin addresses should only be used once.

4 miners with 58 TH / s computing power. Click on the calculation below. To calculate yourself click here. Mining calculator

The Wallet is an important tool in dealing with Bitcoin.

From mining, the bitcoins go into the wallet and are then paid out as BTC or cash The Bitcoin Wallet can be compared to a real purse. You put one or more purses to store your money in them. If you want to spend money, for example when buying a commodity, you withdraw the money from your stock market and pass it on.

This is also the basic principle of the Bitcoin Wallet. Bitcoin is a digital currency. There is no physical object that represents the value “real” as with banknotes. Therefore, a “digital” purse is used. When we install your miner, you automatically get the miner’s return on your wallet every week. Only you can access this wallet! Download the Bitcoin Wallet for free here.

The Wallet is your account to deposit, buy or transfer. Whether computer, tablet or mobile. Your wallet is usable worldwide and the setup is free.






We are happy to set up one or more miners for you. We supply Bitcoin, Etherum, Litecoin and Dash Miner. 

Prices and details please contact us.

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