What is BitcoinClub?


BitcoinClub is a community where people come together to support Bitcoin and other digital currencies such as (Crypto Currencies or Virtual Currencies). We strive to help people educate about it and also provide secure services to protect the ultimate profit from this well-known technology.


This community has developed one of the biggest mining pools in the world so far – BitcoinClub Pool


Mission: To help you invest in a mainstream global currency the BitcoinClub.


What we do?

We have unite the power of crowd funding to offer you a tremendous opportunity in the Bitcoin industry. When you use our services we are then able to build a very profitable mining operation that uses an affiliate structure of payment to leverage the earning potential of our members.


Our concept: Simple!


Just purchase mining equipment which is used to mine Bitcoin and we pay you daily on your share of all Bitcoin being mined. If you share this huge opportunity with other members and someone makes a purchase through your link you also get paid by that a recurring commission on all Bitcoin mined from their new purchases.


More you share, More you earn!


BitcoinClub Mining Pool:

It operated in 2 mining locations with the fastest growing facility located in the Iceland. Our facility is opened to the public who meet the certain qualifications for visit. The mining pool is opened to the public too so that anyone who is interested to contribute hashing power can easily do it.

The mining equipment which we purchase allows BitcoinClub to get full ownership to sell the hardware in the secondary market when it’s close to the end of its peak cycle. We swap these with newer and more efficient machines. Each time we liquidate an older batch of equipment our members have a chance to take possession of the miner if they choose.


For more details: Click Here


All BitcoinClub member helps contribute the operations of the mining pool by Bitcoin to pay for it. This strategy which repurchase is what allows us to continually expand and purchase more mining hardware.


The Bitcoin from our mining operations are paid daily!


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